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Integrated Power Supplies

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Integrated Power Supplies (IPS)

Signalling and Telecommunication (S&T) operations in railway stations require reliable and uninterrupted power to be supplied to various equipment. The voltages and currents for each equipment are different from the others. This demands a centralized power supply solution that can process grid power, combined with battery back-up, to deliver electric energy at various voltages and currents.

HBL introduced Integrated Power Supply (IPS) system in 1999 to meet these requirements at an optimum capital & maintenance costs. With backup from a single battery, IPS ensures reliable and uninterrupted power of all voltages, AC or DC, for all the S&T Telecom loads in railway stations, obviating the need for independent UPS for different loads in each station.

IPS system consists of various modules such as Switch Mode Rectifiers, Inverters, DC-DC converters, Transformers and Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR). The modular system design, with n+1 redundancy and parallel operation, makes it scalable to accommodate future load demands cost effectively. Remote monitoring and operation of the IPS significantly reduces maintenance requirements.