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Electric Drive Train

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Electric Drive Train

HBL has taken an innovative approach to e-Mobility, recognizing the investment many operators of commercial vehicles have already made in diesel powered buses and trucks.

HBL’s Electric Drive Trains are specially designed to be retrofit to replace the engines and associated components in existing commercial vehicle chassis’ – extending the life of the bus/truck and reducing the carbon footprint of the diesel vehicle significantly (hybrid drive) or to zero (pure electric). The HBL powertrain is highly compact and light-weight, with high power density, to suit automotive applications with the “best in class” efficiency for commercial vehicles. The complete system is designed and manufactured in India with world class technology. The entire retrofit drive solution has the unique capability to use the smallest power motor suitable for the intended application. The HBL controller perfectly complements the motor technology and optimizes the performance and efficiency of the overall retrofit.

HBL offers retrofit complete kits required for conversion to electric propulsion

  • EV Motor

  • Inverter

  • Cables

  • Infographic Dashboard Display

  • Communication Interface for other vehicle systems

The battery system required for the vehicle can be specified/supplied by the vehicle owner/service depot or provided by HBL – either way, HBL will ensure the successful integration of the overall system. HBL’s drivetrain is ideal for use with manual or automatic transmissions. The HBL motor is highly efficient and controller optimized to draw the lowest amount of current from the chosen battery – reducing the battery size and ensuring considerable cost savings. HBL also offers solutions without a transmission.

New vehicles or retrofit applications? HBL offers a range of compact and high power density drive train solutions with a focus on electrifying existing large commercial vehicles, but we also are able to work directly with electric vehicle manufacturers. While HBL has developed our drive trains for large commercial vehicle and bus applications, they can readily be scaled up or down for other types of electric vehicles such as warehouse trucks, airport utility vehicles, and leisure vehicles.

Please contact us to discuss your project – we would be pleased to do so!